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Benefits Of Dental Implants

There are numerous options for you today if you want to replace either missing or damaged teeth. Most people today are however opting for dental implants. Dental implants almost look and feel like real teeth. The fact that nobody will tell the difference between your real teeth and implants means that you can smile with confidence. Discussed in this article are the reasons why you should opt for dental implants rather than other options.

Firstly, dental implants match your natural teeth. There are very many types of dental implants today, all having different shapes, sizes and colors. A good dentist will start by measuring your gap so he or she can look for an implant that will fit perfectly so as not to attract any attention. They will also look for implants with colors that match your surrounding teeth’s colors. It is only you and your dentist will who will know that what you have are implants.

Secondly, dental implants allow you to maintain the shape of your face. It is important to note that apart from helping you eat, your teeth also support the structure of your face. People without teeth look older than really are because they lose this facial structure. Just like real teeth, dental implants will give your facial structure all the support it needs thereby preventing facial distortion.

Dental implants are also popular because they prevent bone loss. When you lose your teeth, your jaw will also lose its bone mass. The main reason why this is the case is because your jawbone needs stimulation from the teeth to be able to retain its mass. The only solution that gives this stimulation is dental implants.

Another benefit of dental implants is the restoration of bite force. Since dental implants are anchored into the jaw using titanium posts, one can bite into something using the same amount of force they would use with their real teeth. Other tooth replacement options that will e given to you will not give you as much freedom because they are merely placed on the gum and not anchored in the jaw.

Another advantage of getting dental implants is that you do not have to worry about getting cavities. This is attributed to the fact that the material used in dental implants does not decay. Though this is the case, you must continue taking care of your teeth.

You also no longer have to deal with embarrassing slippages. People who use dentures often have embarrassing moments when they shift as they eat or laugh but you never have to worry about this with dental implants because they are anchored into the jaw.

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